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About our company


We are a UK based company whose sole purpose in business is to lower your energy bills at home, for all homes, in Great Britain. Our payment structure is safe and secure, and the shipping methods we use are trusted.
Energy prices are increasingly rising however your energy usage habits don't change that much in comparison. It is currently becoming more and more expensive to settle your gas and electricity debts, but the vast majority of people tend not to take any action.

Some see no simple or practical solutions, others have been disappointed with products they have bought in the past to combat the problems, energy saving gas discharge bulbs for example, that seem to take a lifetime to "warm up", can not be dimmed and have a poor lifespan.

We specialise in energy-efficient technologies, eco products, smart meters and solar chargers. All of which will save you money, consume less energy, help the environment and most importantly, they are affordable.

The initial expense is insignificant compared to the benefits. We want to help and assist you to think smarter and to consume smarter for a smarter home.

 Kingof business award winners 21-05-2013 

Our products consist of five categories. LED lighting in the LED lounge; Energy saving products in Eco Earth; Wireless smart energy meters in the Smart Studio; Heating control in the Heating Hub and solar chargers in the Solar Suite. Listed below are questions and links related to the categories.

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