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Lower Heating Bills

We have touched on the issue of fuel poverty briefly as it seems to be a running theme

throughout our articles. A combination of rising energy prices and living in a relatively cold climate

results in this new unwelcome breed of pestilence. In an effort to lower heating bills..


Standby costs

We shall try not to throw a lot of figures your way regarding standby costs, but highlight

a couple of trends starting to set in that require our attention. The field of technology

is unique and has seen some dramatic changes in just the past decade


High Energy Bills

A global commitment to lower environmental emissions is resulting in the increase of taxation

on fuels. An unfortunate consequence being high energy bills for the consumer, you

and me. Those international commitments along with the ever increasing costs of extracting depleting..


A Guide to buying LED Lighting

You've heard about LED lighting, they are being raved about by seemingly

everybody out there. Their benefits are well known but you haven't quite made

the first steps into investing in some? This quick guide can certainly help.

A Guide to buying Solar Chargers

Whether you are looking to buy somebody a cool gift or would like to benefit

from utilising sunlight for yourself then our guide on buying solar chargers. They

convert daylight into energy for charging your smartphones and tablets.

A Guide to buying Energy Saving Products

Introducing some 'eco products' to your home can really improve your

energy efficiency. Making sure your appliances aren't costing you money when

not in use and eliminating standby costs will have a massive impact on your

local environment as well as your energy bills.

Solar Chargers - Directions for use

If you are still undecided on whether or not to purchase a new solar charger,

or if you have one but are not confident on how to make the most out of it,

then we have put together some easy-to-follow instructions.

Have closer control over your HEATING

We reside in a cold climate in this country, a bleak damp miserable one

in the winter months, and keeping your homes warm as efficiently as possible

will ensure you are not overspending on your gas and electricity bills.

Smart Meters - a quick guide

You may have seen one in your friend's home or noticed them on the television,

but what are Smart Meters, how do you use them and what do they

actually do? Have a read.

Switching Your Supplier

Switching your energy supplier and comparing different gas and

electricity deals and tarriffs contributes to reducing your monthly outgoings

saving you up to £150 a year.

Draught Proofing your home

This really isn't difficult to do and will not set you back alot of money either,

a simple DIY job and you can eliminate draughts from your home. Sealing up

and keeping out the cold whilst retaining your home's heat.

The Big Six Energy Suppliers record profits

They rarely seem to be out of the tabloids or off the news channels. We're all

at their mercy and a lot of us spend countless hours complaining to them.

The worst part is, their annual profits they make always seem to break records.

Something somewhere is very wrong.

Start lowering your gas and electricity bills

The cost of living, fuel prices, insursance policies, council tax and the dreaded

utility bills are always on the rise. With our help we genuinely believe we can

start reducing your gas and electricity bills, which is one less outgoing

to worry about.

Looking after your boiler

Boilers have an expected lifespan of around 10 years so ensuring

they are serviced regularly is important, as well as having heating controls and

any replacement boilers should be "A" rated.


A Warmer Greener Home

Keep your house green, keep your house warm. They go hand-in-hand,

Improving your homes insulation, sealing out draughts and having closer control

over your central heating will all contribute towards a warmer greener home.

Save Hundreds on your Energy Bills

It's not just a snippet you could potentially be saving on your energy bills,

but exchanging all your existing light bulbs for LED ones can save you hundreds

of pounds on your lighting bills alone. That's just one example, making alsorts

of energy improvements can save you a small fortune. 

Changing your habits

Changing your habits and consuming your energy differently

can save you money on your gas and electricity bills without costing

you anything.

AAA rated appliances

It is vital you ensure that your new appliances are the ultimate in

efficiency according to the Energy Saving Trust, as these equate to a significant

portion of you electricity bill.


Five energy saving tips for a greener and more sustainable home

A greener domestic dwelling and a more sustainable lifestyle is easier to achieve than you think,

and we have put together a short list, just five simple ways and ideas which may help

you to achieve your green ambitions

Selecting the correct dimmer switch for your LED bulbs

LED lights are not perfect yet, they are currently not manufacturered frequently

enough and they have not yet invented the perfect super bright super dimmable eco

friendly halogen equivalent. Bear this in mind when you still require your lights to


be dimmable if you're upgrading to LED. This little guide shiuld help.

Applying for a trade account

We like to think we have unbelievable offers for all of our customers, particularly

those in the trade who fit energy efficient LED lighting on a regular basis. Through new


installations or simply replacing old inefficient bulbs on jobs, check out our trade prices.