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Draught Proof


  • In our heating guide, the first point we established was that of heat retention in the home. Suitable loft and cavity wall insulation is vital, but there is something else we can do which is essential for retaining heat. Excluding draughts is so easy to do, it stops the heat exiting and and the cold entering. With freezing cold temperatures outside and a lovely warm home inside, you wouldn't think of leaving the front door ajar, or a window open. Even if the internal temperature has soared and the home is uncomfortably warm, you turn your room thermostat down. Well, we would like to think you don't anyway.

  • You may have all of your doors and windows secure, and the central heating at a comfortable temperature, yet there are still some areas in the home where an icy draught is present. Perhaps by the back door, while you stand leaning against a window-sill as you gaze upon the winter wonderland outside, or on the landing of the home. Cold spots may be present if you haven't 'draught-proofed' your home efficiently.

  • A draught can get in through anything that is exposed to the external elements. The seals around your doors and windows, the loft hatch, external walls that may have pipework or electrical cables leading to the outside or through keyholes and letterboxes.

  • After all, 15% of heat loss in the average UK home is due to draughts. Being able to 'seal out' these draughts can save you over £55 annually on your energy bills.

  • You can chose to get a professional job done, but in most cases, a quick DIY job is cheap and just as effective. Self adhesive foam strips are straight-forward to install around your doors and windows. Plastic or metal strips with brush attachments can be purchased and placed at the bottom of your external doors. Letterbox draught excluder's can help as will resealing door and window casings with silicone. Block any holes that lead to the outside and keeping your blinds and curtains closed will help keep costs down. Undertaking these small jobs will result in a more comfortable home and significantly reduced energy bills.