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High Energy Bills

A global commitment to lower environmental emissions is resulting in the increase of taxation on fuels. An unfortunate consequence being high energy bills for the consumer, you and me. Those international commitments along with the ever increasing costs of extracting depleting and harder-to-reach supplies of fossil fuels contributes to our high energy bills. We don't consciously seek to waste the gas and electricity services that enter our home, of course not. But perhaps there exist methods and means in which we can alter our usage habits so that we are consuming these fuels more efficiently.

The issue of low fossil fuels numbers, high energy bills and energy efficiency is certainly relevant today, but will continue to be even more so in the future. We really do need to take steps now towards future-proofing the situations we will be facing imminently, as well as the situations the generations after us will be combating on our ever-suffering planet. This isn't a doomsday article and we certainly are not expecting you to radically change your lifestyle in order to achieve energy efficiency. The high energy bills we face does not mean we suddenly have to start "doing without". We don't have to be huddled around a fire in great numbers communicating by candle-light in an effort to save as much energy as possible. But we can still meet our performance requirements for minimum energy usage and cost.

high energy bills

Ultimately, you may be finding yourself reading this content because you do have some concerns. Not necessarily regarding the environment or the CO2 emissions you are offsetting, rather the unwelcome rise in monthly or quarterly outgoings you are experiencing due to those high energy bills. Heating bills, lighting bills, gas bills, utility bills, whatever you want to call them. It's those things leeching you of money directly from your bank account. No matter how financially savvy you consider yourself, how on top of the energy market you are sat, and how many times you compare and then change suppliers, energy bills will continually be on the rise. We are not downgrading the significance of being financially aware regarding energy prices, but are suggesting that unless you become more efficient with that energy, the high energy bills will be consistent. You have to allow the two to coincide. Search for the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs by all means, remembering you need to show no loyalty to any energy supplier, as well as being efficient with the energy you consume.

Obviously we are only directing this information to a national majority, as there is a select minority out there living "off the grid", generating their own energy, consuming it any which way how. To these people we salute, as at this moment we can only dream of such a self-sustaining super-lifestyle. If you fall under this category then there may be little point in you reading this post, but we welcome you all the same. Those of you still connected to the grid, and hopefully still connected to this article, will by now have developed the understanding that the high energy bills that most of us have to suffer with, is due to the global wastage of finite natural resources.

Fuel poverty is a drastically unfortunate reality that exists today, and will further develop in the future. Until there is a greater international effort to create more renewable energy technologies, we will just have to do our upmost in being as energy efficient as we can. As things stand currently, fossil fuels may run out, or become so hard to get that only a privileged few can obtain and benefit from them.