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Home energy kit

Home Energy Kit

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  • Our new Domestic Home Energy Kit
  • Purposefully designed to save you a small fortune on your energy bills - guaranteed.
  • Items carefully chosen, both practical and incredibly useful.
  • Energy saving qualitites from utilisng LED technology to charging your smart handhled device using the sun
  • Five piece kit (see below for more details
  • Wirless Smart Energy Meter
  • Window USB Solar Charger
  • 10w LED BC Light Bulb (x3)


  • The new Home Energy Kit has finally arrived and it is purposefully put together and each item chosen for a specific reason. We are incredibly confident that utilising every aspect of this kit will save you an absolute fortune on your energy bills. The consumer's gas and electricity outgoings will plummet and the green technologies will have a beneficial impact on our environment.


  • Brilliantly designed Energy Meter.
  • Displays real-time cost/consumption and GHG emissions.
  • Digital display with green backlight.
  • 433MHz transmission range between receiver and transmitter exceeds 30 meters.
  • View past data from past 7 hours / 7 days / 7 weeks and 24 months.
  • Time and calender function.
  • Audible alarm for excessive electricity consumption.
  • Historical graphical chart of electricity consumption.
  • Single and Three phase compatible.
  • Accessories: 1 Receiver, 1 Transmitter, 1 clip on sensor, Instruction Manual. 
  • The Wireless Smart Energy Meter allows you effortless control over your electricity consumption as well as complimenting your interior perfectly. The sleek black meter with its clear digital display shows you, the consumer, real time energy consumption, how much it is costing you and the emissions impacting the environment, allowing you to adjust your consumption and energy useage habits accordingly. It is also so simple to setup. AA batteries are required for the receiver and transmitter. The transmitter is placed at your electricity intake (every house has one) and the clip-on sensor clamps around the live/phase tail (that runs from your electrcity meter to fuseboard). And the receiver can go anywhere in your house, providing it is in the 30 meter range. 
  • Display Type Digital
  • Phase Single or Three compatible
  • Measuring Energy Range 100ma-70A
  • Accuracy Class <5%
  • Output Voltage 100-250 VAC
  • Dimensions 118 x 73 x 40mm
  • Certificates CE, RoHs
  • Packaging White gift box
  • Home
  • Office
  • Commercial
  • Receiver: The smart energy meter itself that displays the information.
  • Transmitter: Small black unit that with the clip-on sensor sends information to the receiver.
  • Smart Meter and Transmitter require AA batteries.

  • Alternative energy; Sunlight can charge your phone and devices.
  • Self adhesive pad
  • Superb quality design and sticks to your window wth ease.
  • Solar Panel charges device without the need for mains connection.
  • USB to Micro USB cable included (Samsung Galaxy S1, S2, S3, all HTC, all BlackBerry).
  • Charging and discharging indication lights.
  • Self-charging time by laptop: 3-4 hours.
  • Self-charging time by solar panel: 8-10 hours.
  • Essential for your home office or living area 
  • The 'Window USB Solar Charger' is exactly that. You remove the protective film, press the adhesive side firmly to a window (preferably one that receives daylight) and allow the solar panel to bahe in the sun's rays. There is a USB output, so you can just plug your smartphone or tablet in using the usb cable that was provided with your device, and sit back and be astonished as your device charges without the need to 'plug it in'. Awesome. 
  • Model Number Window Charger
  • Accessories USB > Micro USB cable
  • Flexibility Fixed
  • Colour Black, Silver or Green
  • Solar Panel 5.5V/0.6w
  • Li-ion battery 1800mAh
  • Dimensions 117mm x 115mm x 19mm
  • Weight 200g (inc packaging)
  • Micro USB input 5V/1A
  • Output voltage/current 5V/1A 
  • Apple iPhones (all)
  • Blackberry Smart Phones (all)
  • HTC Smart Phones (all)
  • Samsung Galaxy S1, S2, S3.
  • Apple Ipods.
  • Digital Cameras
  • MP3 players


  • Our newest and brightest LED bulb available.
  • The perfect replacement for the Bayonet Cap bulbs in your light fittings and pendant drops.
  • Low energy consumption, a clean friendly 10w LED technology.
  • Its incredible proprietary design assists reduced thermal output and high brightness.
  • An astonishing 806 lumen output.
  • Instant light to fill any room in the home; no "warming-up".
  • CE and Rohs certification; for added assurance.
  • 80-90% energy saving on incandescent bulbs (10w=60w)
  • No flickering; No UV radiation; No mercury; easily disposable.
  • In Warm white, homely glow much like your existing bulbs. 
  • The latest and greatest addition to our LED lighting range. Going eco has never been so affordable and convenient. The super-efficient 10w A60 LED bulb looks and performs like your standard 100w incandescent bayonet cap bulb, but with all the unbelieveable LED advantages. Low-running costs saving up to 90% on your lighting bulbs, it emits a fresh clean glow with no 'warming up' like the old energy saving cfl lamps. It has an aluminium die-casting housing wrapped by thermal plastic which gives a wonderful performance with a minimal amount of heat produced.  
  • Wattage 10w
  • Base Type B22/BC
  • Dimmable No
  • Luminous Flux 806lm
  • Voltage 230v
  • Colour Warm White (2700-3300k)
  • Led type 3030SMD
  • Dimensions 60x112mm
  • Lifespan 30,000 hours
  • Certification CE Certificates and RoHs compliance
  • Beam Angle 240 degrees
  • Shell Aluminium
  • Energy Saving Yes
  • Low Consumption Yes
  • UV or IR Radiation No 
  • Home; Lounge, Living spaces, bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, office, utility room.
  • Commercial; shops, supermarkets, product lighting, market place.
  • Business; Offices, Conference rooms, Schools; classrooms; halls.
  • Stage and Theatre.


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Financial long-term benefits of using LED Lighting.


Examples on how you can save:




That 60 watt filament/incandescent bulb in your pendant drop light fitting, swap it for our 7 watt Globe LED bulb and see how much you will save...


LIGHTING                  QUANTITY                  KW                        PRICE PER KWH*            HOURS IN THE YEAR^        COST TO RUN (ANNUAL)     
Ordinary 60w bulb 1 0.06 £0.12 4,380 £31.53
Our 7w LED bulb 1 0.007 £0.12 4,380 £3.68


You have saved £27.85 on your annual electricity bill just by swapping one light bulb.

A 25 year saving of £696.25!





Them 8 downlights in the kitchen with 50 watt GU10 halogens in them, swap them for 8 of our 4 watt LED GU10s in warm or pure white...


LIGHTING                  QUANTITY                  KW                        PRICE PER KWH*            HOURS IN THE YEAR*        COST TO RUN (ANNUAL)     
Ordinary 50w GU10 8 0.05 £0.12 4,380 £210.24
Our 4w GU10 LED 8 0.004 £0.12 4,380 £16.80


You have saved £193.44 on your annual electricity bill just by replacing those 8 bulbs.

A 25 year saving of £4,836!




*£0.12 per KwH is a representative cost, your energy suppliers charge might be slightly lower or higher.

^If you had your lights on 12 hours a day, 365 days in the year.



All our solar chargers, with the exception of the iPhone 4/4s model, have a USB input. If the attachment for your handset is not included in the packaging, simply use the usb cable that was provided with your smartphone, tablet computer or any other handheld gadget

Daylight combined with the solar charger really do increase the portability of your mobile devices when they are connected up. And it goes without saying, the brighter the sunshine, the more effective the charger will be.

The including attachments can be random, but generally consist of an apple tip and a micro USB tip.

- The Apple tip will work with the iPhone 3, 4, 4s, and the iPod models. It will not charge an iPad unless it specifically says so.

- The micro USB tip is also a common attachment as smartphones like HTC, Samsung and Blackberry all require this.

If the solar charger arrives with a mains plug, then the charger itself may just need plugging in to get it working initially.

The AA Solar Charger is unique as it requires rechargeable AA batteries to function. Please ensure that the AA rechargeable batteries are fully charged before you insert them into the solar device, if you don't then the handset may not receive an adequate current from the solar charger meaning it either won't charge at all or display an incompatibilty message.

Charging smartphone

Solar chargers for mobile phones, solar chargers for the iphone, solar chargers for the ipad, solar chargers for tablet computers. We like to think we have stock a varied selection that will cater to most people's tastes, some being more powerful than others depending on the size of the li-ion batteries. 

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