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LED Guide




A quick guide to buying LED bulbs

"Swap a Bulb, Save a Planet" 



Here’s the ideal situation...

- Replacing your existing, ‘high consumption’, inefficient bulbs, tubes and spotlights with reasonably-priced LED alternatives. 

- Utilising the numerous energy saving benefits of LED lighting, whilst keeping the light output and functionality of your current bulbs. 

eConsumption are here to help. We reduce energy bills and lower carbon emissions – it’s what we do! 

You’ve been let down by energy saving bulbs before. We all have. They take an age to ‘warm up’, they render your dimmer switch useless, they flicker and the colour they emit is...well...horrible! You'll be glad to know that technology has moved on; it's stepped out of that dark era and the future of lighting, on the horizon, is that much clearer. 

Welcome to our 'Swap a Bulb, Save a Planet' initiative. You may think that swapping your light bulbs with our LED ones won't make a difference, but it really does. They are just so much more efficient. They focus their attention on emitting light, instead of producing pointless waste products such as heat. The dreaded electricity bill becomes so much more welcoming - you're consuming less energy, producing lower amounts of carbon emissions and having a pleasant impact on the environment. After all, from the resources we use to the oxygen we breathe, the environment is good to us. Let’s all give something back. 



The demand for LED lighting in Great Britain is ever increasing. Homeowners are looking to implement LED lighting in to their homes, likewise businesses in to their places of work. Even local councils want to see alternative LED streetlights illuminating the roads at night.

You can buy LED light bulbs online, you can purchase LED products from electrical wholesalers and even supermarkets. We want you to fulfill your energy saving lighting ambitions with us, as we have a genuine interest in saving energy and we provide a great personal service. We offer helpful tips, recommending the correct LED lighting products for the job and advice for when it comes to fitting LED bulbs

We understand that that the initial purchase of an LED product may seem expensive or even daunting. It is simply unfortunate that the 'Light Emitting Diode' technology is currently pricey to manufacture. But we guarantee that our current prices will always reflect those manufacturing costs. Perhaps changing your outlook on the situation will help you appreciate LED lighting's true value. Over the life expectancy of an LED bulb you will not only be saving money on your electricity bills but also reducing the carbon emissions you release. The efficiency of LED lighting results in them performing better and lasting longer. Our affordable eco friendly lighting solutions really do start paying for themselves. 

Take the next step by removing your light bulbs from their fittings. Check the bases and consult our LED lighting range. Please remember, we are always available if you need assistance. We consider ourselves to be a friendly bunch, whether you contact us by email, phone, Twitter or our comment box.