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Efficient and bright pure white low voltage LED bulb
  • Efficient and bright pure white low voltage LED bulb
  • Warm and Pure White LEDs
  • Alternate View
  • Difference Between Warm and Pure White
  • Pure White Light
  • Warm White Light

MR16 Dimmable 4w

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Choose Colour Temperature. Warm or Pure.

Warm Pure
30 days


  • Super-bright instant LED lighting; An incredible 320 lumen output; No "warming-up".
  • Easy installation and ideal replacement for 50w halogen MR16s.
  • Dimmable; Can be used with dimmer switches; No flickering or buzzing.
  • Very low consumption, only 4 watts.
  • Aluminium body with excellent thermal managing design and glass shell.
  • Saves energy; significantly lowers electricity bills.
  • Solid-state, high shock and vibration resistance.
  • With CE and RoHs quality assurances.
  • Extraordianry lifespan of 50,000 hours; far less bulb purchasing and changing.
  • Disposable; No lead, no mercury, no UV and no IR radiation.
  • Pure or Warm White.


  • We think the 4w led bulb is one of the most beautifully crafted and expertly designed led bulbs currently in the UK market. Keeping the functionaltiy of existing high-consumption bulbs whilst combining the numerous benefits of LED technology. Whether you're installing or replacing existing, you will save energy, lower electricity bills, save money and help the environment. There are 20 epistar brand 5050SMD LEDS on each bulb creating a delicate yet powerful light, colour temperature warm or pure white optional, without the bulbs getting hot to touch and without the need for constanting replacing them. The benefits to you and the environment far outweigh the initial expense.
  • Please note: There MR16 bulbs have a 12v input and require a lighting transformer, however we strongly recommend an LED driver transformer for maximum performance especially when dimming.


  • Wattage 4w
  • Base Type MR16
  • Dimmable Yes
  • Luminous Flux 320lm
  • Voltage 12v
  • Colour Pure White (5500-6500k)
  • Led type 5050SMD
  • LED quantity 20 LEDS
  • Dimensions 50x52mm
  • Lifespan 50,000 hours
  • Certification CE Certificates and RoHs compliance
  • Beam Angle 120 degrees
  • IP Rating IP44
  • Shell Aluminium
  • Energy Saving Yes
  • Low Consumption Yes
  • UV or IR Radiation No


  • Applications
  • General Domestic/Home lighting.
  • Lounge, Bedrooms, Hallways, Kitchen, Landings, Home Offices, Dining Room.
  • Commercial lighting.
  • Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Pubs.
  • Business lighting.
  • Offices, Conference Rooms

Warm or Pure White


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What Dimmer Switch for LED light bulbs?


We've all read about it, we've all heard about it. Dimming LED (light emitting diode) bulbs can sometimes be a nightmare. Flickering, strobing, buzzing and just switching off all together when you dim them down. Just have a quick glance at this page and see if we can point you in the right direction.

LED light bulbs are great. They have an incredible lifespan, they don't get hot to the touch, they consume far less energy than your incandescent equivalents and now you can also get the dimmable alternatives. However, those brilliant energy-saving qualities mean that you have to be slightly more selective when it comes to choosing an appropriate dimmer switch.


Adjusting the voltage to halogen bulbs will provide a large smooth dimming range. LED light bulbs are not like halogens, as there wattage is very low when in comparison. A problem is therefore created, as the majority of dimmer switches operate with relatively high loads (25-250w for example). And if your combined wattage of LED light bulbs is below the minimum wattage for the dimmer switch to operate, it will not operate correctly. And simply having a large number of LED light bulbs with a high combined wattage, all working off one dimmer switch, may not guarantee success either unfortunately. We strongly recommend using a trailing edge dimmer, and they may even be advertised as 'LED dimmer switches'.


Trailing-edge Dimmer Switches

They can operate at lower wattages, they have a soft start for extended bulb life, step-down under partial overload, switch off under gross overload, have smooth control, are silent-running and are multi-way dimming.


Financial long-term benefits of using LED Lighting.


Examples on how you can save:




That 60 watt filament/incandescent bulb in your pendant drop light fitting, swap it for our 7 watt Globe LED bulb and see how much you will save...


LIGHTING                  QUANTITY                  KW                        PRICE PER KWH*            HOURS IN THE YEAR^        COST TO RUN (ANNUAL)     
Ordinary 60w bulb 1 0.06 £0.12 4,380 £31.53
Our 7w LED bulb 1 0.007 £0.12 4,380 £3.68


You have saved £27.85 on your annual electricity bill just by swapping one light bulb.

A 25 year saving of £696.25!





Them 8 downlights in the kitchen with 50 watt GU10 halogens in them, swap them for 8 of our 4 watt LED GU10s in warm or pure white...


LIGHTING                  QUANTITY                  KW                        PRICE PER KWH*            HOURS IN THE YEAR*        COST TO RUN (ANNUAL)     
Ordinary 50w GU10 8 0.05 £0.12 4,380 £210.24
Our 4w GU10 LED 8 0.004 £0.12 4,380 £16.80


You have saved £193.44 on your annual electricity bill just by replacing those 8 bulbs.

A 25 year saving of £4,836!




*£0.12 per KwH is a representative cost, your energy suppliers charge might be slightly lower or higher.

^If you had your lights on 12 hours a day, 365 days in the year.


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