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Solar instructions and tips


Directions for use - Solar Chargers

All our solar chargers, with the exception of the iPhone 4/4s model, have a USB input. If the attachment for your handset is not included in the packaging, simply use the usb cable that was provided with your smartphone, tablet computer or any other handheld gadget

Daylight combined with the solar charger really do increase the portability of your mobile devices when they are connected up. And it goes without saying, the brighter the sunshine, the more effective the charger will be.

The including attachments can be random, but generally consist of an apple tip and a micro USB tip.

- The Apple tip will work with the iPhone 3, 4, 4s, and the iPod models. It will not charge an iPad unless it specifically says so.

- The micro USB tip is also a common attachment as smartphones like HTC, Samsung and Blackberry all require this.

If the solar charger arrives with a mains plug, then the charger itself may just need plugging in to get it working initially.

The AA Solar Charger is unique as it requires rechargeable AA batteries to function. Please ensure that the AA rechargeable batteries are fully charged before you insert them into the solar device, if you don't then the handset may not receive an adequate current from the solar charger meaning it either won't charge at all or display an incompatibilty message.

Charging smartphone

Solar chargers for mobile phones, solar chargers for the iphone, solar chargers for the ipad, solar chargers for tablet computers. We like to think we have stock a varied selection that will cater to most people's tastes, some being more powerful than others depending on the size of the li-ion batteries.