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Solar Guide

  • A guide to SOLAR CHARGERS

  • Our Solar Chargers are a must have gadget. Affordable and reliable, they make great gifts and have brilliant energy saving attributes

  • The population of Great Britain is becoming increasingly mobile, and people are reliant on their portable devices more than ever before.

- Not a long time ago, a train carriage full of people would all have their heads buried in books or newspapers.

  • Today it is tablet computers.
  • - An individual wanting to make a phone call would use a land line or even make use of a telephone box. 
  • Today the majority have smart mobile phones.
  • These devices are excellent for keeping you plugged in to your social media lifestyle; they keep you organised and always on the move.

  • A businessman commuting to work on the London Underground, a family that enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, someone attending a sports event or music festival, and an individual who enjoys nothing better than a weekend spent fishing. All of these people can use their iPhones, iPads and other devices to stay connected to their friends, their family and their career.

  • So many people rely on smartphones and tablets. Of course, this technology has one major flaw, and that is the battery life's inability to exceed your expectations. The dreaded 'low battery' scenario is a common one, with modern phones and tablet computers incapable of holding a charge long enough to get you through the day.

  • A solar charger for your smartphone, a solar charger for your tablet computer and many other portable devices will work wonders for you if, like me, you are heavily reliant on your gadgets.

  • Daylight is free, these devices convert daylight into energy for your smartphone. Some are custom built for a particular gadget like our iPhone 4 solar charger and our iPad solar charger. Others require you to connect them up to your smartphone using the USB cable that was provided with your phone. The latter can be used to provide solar charging power to all sorts of devices, from your Samsung smart phone to cheap tablet computers that were bought on a budget. We've got solar chargers for all devices that use a USB cable, no matter what the brand.

  • We stock such items as they have great energy saving qualities also. The need for mains connection at a socket outlet will be far less frequent, and hopefully they can persuade you to stop leaving your phone on charge overnight. Saving energy and helping out the environment in the process.