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Standby Costs

We shall try not to throw a lot of figures your way regarding standby costs, but highlight a couple of trends starting to set in that require our attention. The field of technology is unique and has seen some dramatic changes in just the past decade. Constantly improving unlike a lot of the major social trends and lifestyle accompaniments. Fashion for example, which alters depending on the season, something will hit a peak, disappear altogether and make a reappearance in the next generation, all dependent on what is trending.

Technology has a superior competitive edge. Competition like no other with major companies vying against each other to produce the smartest, slimmest hand-held gadget, or the fastest, most powerful, most elegant desktop computer. It's a materialist world we have developed for ourselves, were by the phone in our pocket suggests a lot about us and our social standing. An extension of ourselves. We accept these changes, we embrace the convenience these devices bring to our lives as a consumer. But as a consumer, we still need to remember our responsibilities and consider the impact these technological advances are having on the environment we live in.
standby costs

The daily mail have recently been reporting some alarming studies carried out by the 'Energy Saving Trust' with regards standby costs and the affect household appliances are having on our energy bills. The majority of homes in the United Kingdom have spare televisions, and dare I suggest that most rooms in the house have a television. The set has become a focal point in our living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, something which would have seemed a far-cry a few decades ago.

Games console have come on a long way in a short period of time. The latest generation Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo WiiU are household items not just for the resident reclusive teenager, but the whole family from grandson to grandparent can get involved. The latest studies suggest that three-quarters of homes have a spare TV which is permanently left plugged in. An average figure of £80 a year is doing the rounds which relates to standby costs from televisions and games consoles. In fact, a single games console can muster up a bill of £30 in the year just by being left plugged in. If you are a parent, do you check to see whether the Xbox is still on in your child's room when they're at school, if the Playstation is still running in the back room when nobody is even in attendance. No major back-breaking work involved, just simple routine checks that can go along way to eliminating standby costs from your electricity bill.

Some experts believe that many just do not realise that allowing an electrical appliance to be left plugged in will consume such high quantities of energy. The poll has revealed that two-fifths of people that own consoles leave them on or on standby when they are not even being used, and some 55 percent of homes today have one or more of these games consoles.

The equivalent of £1.7bn a year of energy is unintentionally being wasted. Unintentionally, therefore avoidable. Have we really become that lazy? Switching our appliances off can be part of our daily routine, much like cleaning our teeth before bed time. There is little effort and the benefits in the long-run are there to be had. We need to take back control over our appliances, although they stack up in number due to technological advances, we are the responsible consumers and it is our own energy and money that we are wasting. Standby costs can and should be eliminated. But as we stand now, like the Chief Executive of Energy Saving Trust eluded to, "we are a nation on standby".