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Big Six record profits




Our energy suppliers continue to announce record profits


  • Unless you and your estate are completely "off the grid", no doubt you will be at the mercy of gas and electricity suppliers.


  • We would like to think that the vast majority of householders would love nothing more than to produce their own energy.


  • Self sustainability utilising the various energy producing gadgets and inventions, from air source heat pumps to decking the rooftop with solar panels. But the unfortunate reality is, not everyone can afford to do that, and some folk that can, simply can not see the benefits of a sustainable tomorrow.


  • The majority of UK householders are connected to the grid, hooked up with mains gas, water and electricity. Todays lifestyle results in us being increasingly dependant on these utilities.


  • Let's be honest, we have lots of electrical appliances, from the kitchen to the bedroom and from the lounge to your garage, we're drowning in devices reliant on electricity. We reside in a cold climate and our heating system may well use gas, and we simply can not keep living without water.


  • The 'big six' energy suppliers can inflate or relax their prices almost at will, and we all have to take measures to pay any outstanding bills. Every year without fail, they continue to announce record profits.


  • If you're not using comparison websites when your tariff is due for a renewal, then we strongly advise that you do, as you're under no obligation to remain with the same supplier, and loyalty is not always rewarded.


  • Gas and electricity prices will increase annually, and the numbers of families living in 'fuel poverty' will increase also, it's all relative. It is essential that we all start taking steps to start saving energy where we can. If not for the environment, then for our own energy bills, that we are all going to start struggling to afford.


  • We don't want to be gasping in horror at the inevitable energy price rises, but instead let's prepare for the future and fight back against the 'big six' suppliers. One light bulb at a time, developing greater control over the energy we consume and ensuring all appliances are definitely off and not just on 'standby'.