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Warmer Greener Home



For a greener warmer and more efficient home

  • A house, castle, domestic dwelling or place of rest. Whatever you want to call it, our homes are our sanctuary from the outside world. A place where memories are made and shared with our families, friends and our loved ones.


  • It's the domestic environment where we should feel safe, feel warm and completely at ease.


  • It is vitally important that we make efforts in to increasing the efficiency of our homes, as this will be a major contributing factor to attaining our vision of a warmer, greener place to live.


  • Fuel poverty will become more prevalent in the United Kingdom as homes and businesses continue to misuse resources. Reducing our energy bills by increasing our sustainability and being sensible with the gas and electricity we use, will ensure we avoid the fuel poverty pitfall.


  • Gain closer control over your energy usage, utilise all the energy saving tips provided by us and reap the benefits. Being in credit with your energy supplier, as they begin to owe you money from all the overpayments you have been making. A refreshing, but welcome change I am sure you will agree.

  • Turn down your room thermostat by a degree, don't have your heating on during the night or when the house is unoccupied, and that includes your pets. If you don't have a combi boiler then only heat up your hot water tank/cylinder when you intend on using hot water and remember to keep blinds and curtains shut during the day.

  • A warmer greener and more energy efficient home is attainable for both you and your family.